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Termites are the cause of the greatest economic loss of timber in Australia and are a significant factor in the degradation of trees growing in our forested areas.

Termites are primitive insects belonging to the order Isoptera. They live in colonies that have a social organisation similar to that of ants.

As termites are a part of our geographical location in South East Queensland, being vigilant and understanding the signs, the potential damage and how to identify these species of insects are a must for homeowners.

Inspections of the timber structures that we work, live in and call our homes is the best way to identify the risk of any house or workplace susceptible to the attack by and of termite activity. If termites are found, treatments and putting termite management systems in place are a part of any pest control company such as ours and can be carried out by our fully qualified pest technician.

If you are looking for a termite and pest inspection on your home or commercial building, please contact us on 041 654 3470.


Finding termites, eradicating these pests and protecting any structure from the destruction of your home’s valuable timber all starts with a phone call to us to book in a termite inspection of your major asset.

SEQ Pest Squad is experienced in inspecting all types of properties while using the latest technology to make sure there are no termites or other timber pests setting up in your structure.

With the full qualifications in the use of the latest Termite radar machines, the attention to detail in every structure we inspect and the love for our job, finding termites and making sure your property is safe from timber eating pests is our expertise.


In 2001, Queensland legislation changed and introduced the law that every home built must have a termite barrier installed inside or around the structure to maintain a safe structure from termites.

These barriers are sometimes installed inside the brickwork of a newly built home or in the soil around the perimeter.

Maintenance of these barriers and the continual protection of your major asset is something we specialise in and have passion for as we know how hard our society works to put a roof over our families heads and we know that no one wants termites eating that.

Fully qualified in all post-construction termite management systems, including drill and inject and reticulation systems and baiting and monitoring systems, we can inspect and protect your major asset for the full warranty of your home all year round.

If you suspect you have termites in your home or need to carry out an annual termite inspection please contact us immediately on 0416 543 470.


Different types of Termite indicators in South East Queensland

1. Schedorhino Termites

The most destructive termite in South East Queensland.

2. Mud Leads

Usually appearing on the external sides of brickwork.

Mud leads appearing on the external sides of brickwork show the workings of a termite colony and indicate prolonged termite activity of termites moving into and through homes. If you see these indicators then contact us immediately so that we can deal with them straight away.

3. Termite Nest

Found in a client’s backyard. Species Microcerotermes Spp.

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